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Parenting Solutions for Corporations

Employee Productivity Begins At Home

  • 2.2

    Million women have Left the US Labor Market since the beginning of the pandemic

  • 35%+

    Working parents Say they are worried about their performance at work

  • 9.8

    Million working mothers suffer from "workplace burnout"

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Support Your Working Parents by Helping Them Take Care of Their Family

Build Your Company's Parenting Solutions Center

Provide your working parents with the tools they need to be successful at home and at work

We will partner with you to assess the needs of your working parents and customize your Parenting Solutions Center.
We deliver a proven, three-pronged approach to learning – live and recorded Classes and Conversations, 1:1 Consulting and supportive Community.  We collaborate with you to develop a branded, digital Parenting Solution Center to help your working parents balance work and family with less stress and more confidence. Watch a brief tour of a parenting center to the right  We incubate micro-communities, uniting parents with common concerns, like “Welcome Baby, Welcome Back to Work” and “How to Help Your Teens Thrive Even When They Think You are Ridiculous.”Together, our efforts will lead to happier working parents who have the tools they need to be more focused at work. Just ask our clients!

Check out our robust calendar of classes. 

Our experts walk parents through the concepts from prenatal to young adult, discuss how to apply the tools to daily challenges and respond to questions on the spot.

Let us tailor custom classes exclusively for your employees or offer them our robust public schedule, or both!

Our Solution Series Digital Libraries are developed around a specific parenting challenge.  Each Series includes a collection of hand-picked, easily digestible (15 minute +/-) videos and handouts which unlocks a key piece of the parenting puzzle. We’ve grouped these quick solutions by age and by topic so parents can easily refer back and share with partners, family members or caregivers.

24/7 On Demand Solution Series Libraries  The above link highlights the essential version of each library (extended versions are available upon request).

Include the libraries as stand-alone resources or work with us to develop custom classes or “Conversations.” Build monthly “Conversations” around libraries to develop micro-communities such as “Welcome Baby, Welcome Back.”   We will design programs to meet your needs. 

Private Online Sessions with a Peace at Home Expert

Your employees may schedule a private, targeted consulting session with one of our experts to address their unique concerns.

These private 1:1 digital sessions provide quick, focused, individual guidance that can turn around a situation that might escalate without intervention. Include spouses, parenting partners, grandparents or childcare providers as needed. 

Sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes in length.

Peace At Home’s “Community” anchors your Parenting Solutions Center, with access to

  • Monthly Q&A sessions
  • Private monitored Facebook group

where parents come together to ask questions and get support from our experts and their peers.

We’d love to learn what your employees need and customize a parenting solutions center to meet your goals.

Start with the Peace At Home Solution Subscription covering topics from birth to young adults:

  • Over 100 Live Classes per year (including video recording and handouts added to a searchable catalog)
  • 4 Solution Series Libraries, one for every age group
  • Monthly expert Q&A sessions
  • Private monitored Facebook group
  • Easily accessible in a branded Parenting Solutions Center exclusively for your organization.

Consider additional options

  • 1:1 Consulting (employer or employee paid and discounted from our retail fees)
  • Exclusive, custom live classes for your team
  • Additional Solution Series Libraries – see library offering

Annual subscription pricing starts at $12,000 (without additional options) depending on the size of your organization.


Amazing class thank you so much Ruth god bless you n family and all you hard working team.

- Aleida M,

So sorry I had to leave the class early for a work meeting. I will join the suggested follow-up trainings for sure!

- Amanda A,

Very informative, the presenter precise, and clear, liked the polling questions. over all great presentation

- Andrew A,

The class and the teacher were 100% wonderful. :) i love being a mom

- Brianna B,

This was very informative and I really appreciate the at home strategies suggested.

- Cari A,

This was a really great session. Thank you!

- Casey L,

Thank you. This class came at the perfect time for me.

- Cheryl D,

This was priceless content and very informative. Thank you for a great session!

- Christine P,

Great information- but a LOT of it. Thank you for the ability to download information to review later! I'm really working on being a better GRANDMA!

- Cheryl S,

Wonderful as always!

- Emily O,

I love having this resource available. I've taken quite a few classes and each time I receive an email with the upcoming classes I sign up for more. Sometimes even as adults you need to hear information over and over to get it to sink in especially when dealing with a toddler. Thanks for being available.

- Jenna W,

This class was very informative and I learned some very useful information that I can begin using at home immediately. It also gave me some insight into my toddler's way of learning and coping. It was super helpful and I look forward to what the next offering might be. I think I will likely visit the Peace At Home site on my own as well.

- Julie T,

Thanks for sharing! I appreciate Yum providing career AND FAMILY training tools.

- Jennifer C,

What an incredible resource for MIT employees! I will definitely attend another session and will recommend this resource to colleagues. Blown away by the presentation and how simply the solutions were presented. I feel very prepared to have some good conversations with my tween (and my 8-year-old-who-thinks-he's-a-teen!). Thank you

- JoAnna, MIT,

Truly life changing webinar. I even went and bragged about going to it to my friends and family outside of Zip and how lucky we were that this was provided to us. Thank you!

- ZipRecruiter class participant,

I'm typically eye-roll-y / skeptical about people telling me how to raise my kids, but found this webinar to be incredibly insightful, non-judgemental, realistic, and meeting each of us where we're at. So great!

- ZipRecruiter class participant,