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11.10.21 The LEGO Group Help Your Teens Thrive, Even When They Think You’re Ridiculous

November 10, 2021 1:00 pm EDT/EST
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Join us for this expert-led live class exclusively for The LEGO Group.  A recording of the class with handouts will be available once the class is complete. 

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The teenage years can be an exciting time of growth, but can also be a strain on your relationship. As your child enters the tween and teen years their brain changes in ways that leads them to create their tribe of peers. This may mean that they are less likely to seek the advice and validation of adults but it doesn’t mean they don’t need your calm, consistent guidance and support. As always, our “conversations” will include plenty of time for your questions and comments and to share your successes and challenges with each other. After this conversation led by Peace at Home Parenting Experts Amy Alamar, EdD and Aaron Weintraub, MS you will be able to:

  • Start and maintain an open dialogue
  • Develop an authentic and honest relationship with your child
  • Support your child in dealing with his/her social life
  • Discuss difficult subjects openly and positively
  • Apply steps to navigate teens’ romantic relationships with trust, compassion, clarity and consistency
  • Apply positive discipline approaches that increase cooperation

We recommend that you review the following flash classes available from your parenting library before this conversation, but if life gets in the way please come as you are!

  • Talking to Teens: 10 Strategies to Reduce the Conflict
  • Build Extraordinary Relationships with Your Teen through Daily Conversations
  • Parenting Teens: Effective Discipline 

Remember, you can always check out these quick classes after our conversation if you are inspired to go deeper. And after conversations end, we’ve got your back. Join our private, monitored Facebook group or Q&A sessions to follow up on new learning and get answers

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