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12.16.21 CVS Conversation: Returning to Work and Holiday/Vacation Disruptions

December 16, 2021 1:00 pm EDT
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Returning to Work and Holiday/Vacation Disruptions

Of course, the holidays at the end of the year are joyous and offer a wonderful time to share your new baby with family and friends. Holidays and vacations usually create disruptions to your children’s routines as naps and bedtimes are flexed as you travel and folks visit. Returning to work or maintaining your work schedule through this time requires some organization and forethought about what to expect from your children. It can be challenging for them to get back on schedule. On December 16 at 1:00, join JoAnn Robinson, PhD and Cora Megan, MA for a conversation about Returning to Work and Holiday Disruptions. In this session, JoAnn and Cora will talk about Your questions and concerns Balancing work and family expectations during holidays What babies need to enjoy busy holiday events Restoring nap and bedtime routines after traveling

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