Recorded Workshop

CVS Welcome Baby: Create a Strong Foundation with Baby

January 27, 2022 12:00 pm EDT/EST

This workshop was hosted live on the date noted above, you can view the recording and download the handouts below.

new born infant asleep in the blanket in delivery room

About This Workshop

Babies are born ready to interact and rely on parents. Yet many parents feel unprepared to care for a baby. How do you know when your baby is ready to eat, play, sleep? How do you ensure that you and your baby have a secure attachment?

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • How babies let parents know what they need
  • What is a secure attachment relationship?
  • What’s important for creating a strong foundation with your baby

Meet your Instructors

JoAnn Robinson

Infants, Potty Training, Taming Tantrums,



  • birth
  • Health/Wellness

Age Category

  • PreNatal Infant
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