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Fostering Empathy and Belonging through Gratitude


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About This Library

Peace at Home Parenting’s Amy Alamar, Ed D and Dana Asby, MA, M Ed, will introduce the research behind gratitude and share the benefits of practicing gratitude. We know a regular practice increases a  student’s sense of belonging, strengthens relationships, increases happiness, builds self-esteem, reduces stress & anxiety, supports resilience, nurtures motivation, improves academic performance, and encourages engagement in extra-curriculars. We will also introduce research-based methods of practice including journaling, letter writing, and compiling a strengths inventory. Support for social-emotional growth does not just happen during school hours – especially now, with so many families helping with hybrid and distance learning. We will also explore how young people can apply the skills they learn to strengthen family relationships and well-being and make an authentic home-school connection.

Peace at Home offers workshops for Educators.

Quick Video Solutions Include:
The Science of Gratitude
Using Gratitude in Your Counseling Practice
From School to Home: How students can lead gratitude practice beyond the classroom
Using Gratitude to Teach and Practice Digital Citizenship

After this library, you will be able to:

  • Define Gratitude
  • Identify the components of gratitude (Benefactor (person, thing or condition), Benefit, Personal Value, Cost,  Intention)
  • Coach students through developing meaningful messages of gratitude

  • Explain how gratitude practices & technology can increase students’ sense of belonging, self-esteem and motivation.
  • Explore practices counselors can use to help students process emotions, behaviors, and decision-making.
  • Discuss ways counselors can support educators to strengthen student social-emotional wellbeing

  • Define digital citizenship
  • Explore taking responsibility for your online interactions
  • Share gratitude practices to build digital citizenship, SEL, & wellbeing

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Amy Alamar

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Dana Asby

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  • connection
  • gratitude
  • helpfulness
  • wellbeing

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