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Parents of Toddlers and Preschoolers: Frazzled About Choices? (The Hartford)

September 22, 2020 12:00 am EDT/EST

Challenges & Solutions

Previously hosted live class exclusively for The Hartford.  Access the recording and handouts by clicking on the Course Lesson below.

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Let’s Talk about Care and Education Options. Do you feel uncertain about whether fall 2020 is the time for your young child to be in a classroom learning environment? Are you torn between the benefits of what social stimulation and creative teachers can do for your child and protecting your family from community spread? Did you find your child enjoyed online learning but want to do something more this fall? 

For decades, small numbers of parents of young children have joined forces to provide some of the benefits of classrooms in early care and education centers. But how to proceed when there are so many possibilities? Join us in this class on assessing and planning for your young child’s care and education experiences. In this class you will learn about: 

  • How to think about your education values for your children 
  • Well-understood models for education young children outside of classrooms 
  • What are the financial costs vs. time benefits for parents of these approaches 
  • How do you get started in finding resources to help get something off the ground 

Early childhood cooperatives have sprung up out of parents with shared values banning together to share teaching and care responsibilities. However, other options also exist from high cost nannies to shared cost, microschools, to loving, lower cost family day care homes, to learning from home with resources from public schools. 

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