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Back to School: Support Your Child with Special Needs (IPG)

October 02, 2020 12:00 pm EDT/EST

Challenges & Solutions

Previously hosted live class exclusively for IPG.  Access the recording and handouts by clicking on the Lesson below.

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Uncertainty about school plans can be extra hard on children with special needs who thrive on consistency and routine. Uncertain times in the outside world makes at-home routines, communication, boundaries, and connection even more important.  

In this class you will learn what you can do to create a safe, supportive home environment to give your child the calm center they need to navigate an uncertain world. You will also learn important tips on how to communicate with your child’s school team to make sure your child is getting the support they need to learn and feel safe and happy. 

Class participants will be able to: 

  • Identify practical approaches to be a calm center for your child even if they are struggling  
  • Recognize what you can and cannot control in your child’s world 
  • Develop the ability to match your expectations to your child’s capacities and your family’s circumstances 
  • Define “achievable and sustainable” goals and work with your child to create a learning plan together 
  • Identify and apply strategies to help your child stay on track and ways to celebrate progress 
  • Apply strategies to partner effectively with your child’s teacher and support services staff
  • Recognize the importance of building a support network 
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