Interactive Workshops

Parenting Support for Neurodiverse Children

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These live interactive workshops address ways to support your child with ADHD or Autism with low support needs. Many parents of children with special needs report higher than average levels of stress and conflict. Often anxiety or depression can look like misbehavior. Children with special needs may not respond to the discipline techniques that work for other children. Diagnosis like Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD require behavioral support strategies that are specific to each child’s needs. Effective discipline is built on empathy and a balance between flexibility and consistency. It’s time to stop just surviving and get the tools you need to thrive and enjoy your relationship with your child as you support their growth and development.

Invite your working parents to engaging live, online classes, offered at lunchtime and evenings. Workshops are designed for parents who have limited time and energy, who need proven solutions that quickly produce positive results. Parents connect with experts and other parents to learn, and share, coming away feeling more confident and less stressed. Here are a few the Workshops designed and delivered by our team of advanced degree experts Contact to learn more about bring these your working parents Peace at Home.

Interactive Workshops

ADHD and Autism: Why does my kid act this way?
Are you wondering why your child with ADHD or Autism displays certain troubling behaviors? Are you feeling lost on how to parent in these moments? You are not alone. Join us to discuss why your child behaves this way and how to manage challenging situations. Many parents try punishment or persuasion to help misbehaving or withdrawn children to improve their behavior. You have likely discovered that these methods are not especially effective, particularly with children who display special needs. This virtual workshop will provide practical tools and strategies to help you achieve the stronger connections and positive behaviors you are seeking.
How to Help your Child with Special Needs to Make Friends
We all hope that our children will connect with peers and mentors. When they struggle with making friends it is difficult not to worry. Often, our first instinct is to try to teach specific social skills and manners, but the truth is that strong relationships come from the inside out. Join other parents and Peace at Home experts in this virtual workshop. We’ll discuss the ways in which children connect and how you can help your child develop lasting friendship.

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Ruth Freeman

Mental Health, School Age, Relationships,


Aaron Weintraub

Autism, Anxiety, ADHD,

MS, Curriculum Advisor
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