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CVS Exclusive class: Joys and Challenges of Summer Break

June 14, 2022 12:00 pm EDT/EST

About This Class

Many parents, grandparents, and caregivers discuss grand plans with school-aged children about summer projects, outdoor adventures, or exciting fieldtrips. But we often end up spending half of the summer hanging around and the other half in front of the TV. 

Make the most out of summer with kids of all ages by teaching helpful social emotional learning skills. Join this class for easy steps to plan a summer that’s intentional, enlightening, and fun for everyone. 

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Plan a summer that includes everyone’s goals.
  • Apply strategies to use sibling strengths to help each other grow.
  • Identify service or project learning, art, movement, and other activities to help your child continue to learn over the summer.
  • Talk effectively to caregivers, including daycares and camps, about meeting your child’s needs this summer.

Meet your Instructors

Dana Asby

Mindfulness, Confidence, School,



  • communication
  • cooperation
  • independence
  • school
  • summer

Age Category

  • All, a Parenting Essential
  • PreNatal Infant
  • School Age
  • Teens & Young Adults
  • Toddlers & Preschoolers
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