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About This Course

Students and teachers have endured unprecedented challenges over the past few years that have led to academic and social loss for many. Peace at Home offers inspiration and strategies that educators can use to help students enter the classroom with confidence, character, and the tools they need to succeed. 

Peace at Home workshops for educators addresses the relationship between executive functions and emotional regulation, and how that affects academics in addition to stress and well-being. 

Workshop topics include:

  1. Learn more about the connection between self-esteem and growth mindset
  2. Learn how to use growth-based feedback to encourage children to take appropriate risks and feel more confident to try new things.
  3. Give feedback using language that supports youth’s self-esteem
  4. Coach youth back to confidence after a failure 
  5. Learn about how stress affects different parts of the brain and the impact that has on learning and emotional well-being
  6. Practice stress reduction techniques that can be taught to children or students
  7. Make a plan for teaching children/students about how their brain works and what they can do to optimize brain health

Peace at Home also offers two important Quick Video Solutions Libraries for parents and educators to collaborate and strengthen the home and school connection.  Check out:

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Inspire School Success Middle & High School 

Email us at Clients@Peaceathomeparenting.com to sample one of the Quick Video Solution Classes below:

Strengthen the Home-School Connection: Academic and Personal Goals – Teachers and administrators regularly communicate with all school community stakeholders. It can be a challenge to meet the communication needs of students, parents, and staff, all while planning, implementing and evaluating curriculum.  Students are best served when everyone is working toward their academic and personal interests. You will gain practical skills in conducting productive conversations with parents and caregivers. After this session educators will be able to:

  • Apply approaches that help parents support students to self-advocate
  • Invite parents and caregivers into productive conversations
  • Identify methods to effectively set common expectations

Help Students Feel Safe in Challenging Times – It can be a challenge to help your students feel safe during a worldwide pandemic when educational settings are often shifting and the media constantly display fearful events. Children are especially at risk if they have not learned skills to cope with fear and other stressors. It is important for educators to recognize that we are one of the influential filters through which our students see the world. After this class educators will be able to:

  • Apply approaches to develop perspective during difficult times
  • Recognize symptoms of anxiety and stress
  • Recognize the nature of trauma and the importance of mental health
  • Recognize the importance of routine and other practical strategies to support wellbeing and its impact on learning
  • Apply strategies to introduce and practice selfcare with students

Back-to-School: Reconnection and Recovery – How do we build community and approach academics after such a challenging time in education? What have students experienced, what do they need, and how can we begin to capture their attention and engage them in learning? What are practical, effective way to emphasize emotional safety and equity for in-person and hybrid environments. This quick class focuses on how to build and maintain personal connections through our education work with a focus on recovery from a very challenging year. After this session educators will be able to:

  • Identify and apply strategies that resilience
  • Foster community and nurture relationships
  • Contribute toward a common vision for the community
  • Apply approaches to effectively establish and/or re-establish routine

After this course, you will be able to:

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