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Welcome Baby, Welcome Back to Work

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About This Workshop

Welcome to Peace At Home Parenting Solutions’  Welcome Baby, Welcome Back to Work Program. A unique, interactive program that helps parents gain effective strategies and support to care for their baby and make the transition back to work with less stress and more confidence. 

  • Quick Video Solution Library provides 24/7 access to practical solutions. Watch or just listen to experts who get right to the point. Watch one or all of the topics, each title includes a video (15 minutes) and handouts with proven, easy-to-understand strategies developed by our team of advanced degree experts.    
  • Peer Group Conversations – Led by the Experts who developed the program, groups of up to 10+ participants connect to the essence of Peace At Home – acknowledgment, guidance, support, and community. Tools are brought to life through interactive discussions based on the Welcome Baby, Welcome Back to Work Quick Video Solution Series. Essential strategies from the Series are reviewed at the start of each 45-minute conversation led by our experts. Parents ask questions and gain solutions for their concerns.
  • 1:1 Consulting with Our Experts – Finally, we offer focused, private 1:1 consulting for parents who may need confidential, individual support. 

By connecting parents experiencing this wonderful and exhausting new stage of life, the Welcome Baby Conversations exclusive to your company, fosters micro-communities within your organization. Participants share concerns, feel understood and gain proven best practices. 

After this library, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to keep my attachment with my baby strong even when I go back to work
  • Know how to select a great childcare provider
  • Understand my baby’s cues about hunger, sleep and play time
  • Know that I won’t always feel so exhausted (and what I can do about it now)

Meet your Instructors

JoAnn Robinson

Infants, Potty Training, Taming Tantrums,


Autumn Cloud-Ingram

Birth, Discipline, Teens,


Cora Megan

Toddlers/Preschoolers, Early Discipline, Childcare,


Tanika Eaves

Infants, Birth, Relationships,


Hanna Brinkhaus

Toddlers/Preschoolers, Infants, Mental Health,


Denise Webb

Infants, Birth, Relationships,



  • attachment
  • baby
  • birth
  • feeding
  • pregnancy
  • prenatal
  • sleep
  • working

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  • PreNatal Infant
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