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Yum! Brands Exclusive: Your Teen’s Social-Emotional Health

February 15, 2022 1:00 pm EDT

Challenges & Solutions

Previously hosted live class exclusively for Yum! Brands. Access the recording and handouts by clicking on the Course Lesson below.

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Teen development can be confusing and inspiring, sometimes at the same time. One moment your teen is making perfect sense and you are feeling optimistic about the way they are maturing. The next moment they seem swamped with emotion and dramatic in ways you just don’t understand. We will discuss some of your big questions like:

  • What does your teen really need from you and their environment in order to thrive?
  • How can you help them develop the skills and capacities they need for a successful launch into adulthood?
  • When can you let go and when do you need to set firm limits? 
  • What are yellow and red flags when it comes to their emotional health and how can you respond in helpful ways?

One thing is for sure – it takes a village – not just to support your teen but to help you stay grounded and positive during these turbulent years. Don’t go it alone. Join us to feel more confident and less confused about this challenging and inspiring time in your child’s development. 

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