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Yum! Brands Exclusive: Teens, Depression and Anxiety: What Really Helps?

May 21, 2024 1:00 pm EDT/EST

This workshop was hosted live on the date noted above, you can view the recording and download the handouts below.

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About This Workshop

Starting at 12 years old, your teen’s brain is in a process of intense physical, cognitive and social development. They are becoming more aware of themselves and forming identity – recognizing and deciding who they really are.  As their brain changes and struggles to adapt to their social environment, they may sometimes be moody, anxious and irritable. If you notice them becoming withdrawn, lacking energy, changing eating or sleeping habits, not enjoying things they used to, even fighting or getting into trouble with peers and adults, they might be experiencing depression. 

Learning about the signs and symptoms of depression can help you to support healthy coping and growth. This session will give you some ideas about what support really looks like and how to avoid unhelpful approaches that are easy to fall into when you are worried about your child. 

  • Click the button above to watch the recording of this workshop previously hosted.  Come learn proven, effective solutions that quickly produce positive results giving you more clarity and confidence. If you are looking for more support email our Parent Guides at
  • For additional support, check out the Quick Video Solutions Teen Library, Support, Inspire, and Connect for all the classes including Positive Connections for More Cooperation for Teens, and Talking to Teens: Communication for Connection.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the symptoms of depression in your child 
  • Identify supportive coping strategies
  • Foster resilience, separate normal response to life challenges from mental health conditions

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Denise Parent

Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety,



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