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YUM Brands! Exclusive: Teens in Love: Romantic Relationships, Dating & Health in the New Normal

February 15, 2021 12:00 pm EDT/EST

Challenges & Solutions

Previously hosted live class exclusively for YUM! Brands.  Access the recording and handouts by clicking on the Course Lesson below.

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Learning to have romantic relationships and deal with sexually maturing bodies are essential tasks of healthy teen development. As the parents, you may feel as unprepared as your kids feel to navigate this ever-changing stage. While adolescents sometimes act like they know it all, they often feel vulnerable and unprepared for the social and sexual realities of romantic relationships. And the same may be true for you – maybe you are wondering how do I support exploration and independence while keeping my child safe, especially during these challenging times. 

Participants in this class will be able to 

  • Apply steps to navigate teens’ romantic relationships with trust, compassion, clarity and consistency 
  • Identify strategies to balance monitoring with trust 
  • Recognize the connections between physical and romantic relationships with parental relationship health 
Teens & Young Adults
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