Know What to Expect

Watch this video to learn how to join a webinar and what you will see once in the webinar. Please register early and download the GoToTraining application before the webinar starts.

Arrive Early and Be Prepared

  • If possible, join the session early to be sure all your settings are in place when the webinar begins. You will usually be able to enter a webinar at least 15 minutes before the indicated start time.
  • If having difficulty joining the webinar, contact Citrix Customer Support at 1-855-202-7959. They may have wait times when you call, so arriving early and discovering any problems early really helps.
  • If you arrive early, you may download and review materials while you wait for the webinar to begin.
  • Send questions in advance to If another teacher facilitates your webinar, Ruth will get your questions to that person.
  • You may want to jot down notes to yourself, so have a pen and paper handy. Webinars can be dense with information and you may not be able to remember everything that is important to you.
    • If there is a slide of particular importance to you, you can write down the title of that slide and send an email to the instructor requesting a copy of it.

Peace at home checklistBe Brave and Participate

  • Teachers will pose questions to attendees at various points in the training, including asking one or two people to share what brought them to the session. If you would like to respond, click “raise your hand.” When called on, be sure you are unmuted, then respond. Note that the instructor, as well as all other attendees, will be able to hear you at this time.
  • If you do not have a microphone or prefer not to talk out loud, use the “chat” function to write in questions and comments. Only the instructor will receive these.
  • Keep questions and comments brief and to the point.
  • Active participation in the session will strengthen your learning and commitment to change. It will also help you feel more connected to a community of open-minded parents and help other parents feel connected and engaged in the learning.

Take Care of Yourself and Don’t Go It Alone

  • Consider watching the webinar with your partner or other parents. Change is easier when in community with others.
  • Have some water with you during the session and maybe a nourishing snack. This is time for you. Self-care for parents is essential to consistent positive parenting.
  • Consider starting a parenting book club with friends. You can read material of your choice or from recommended resources connected with a particular webinar. Be sure to check out books from the Peace At Home recommended reading list or ask your instructor for other suggestions.
  • Participate in additional Peace At Home Parenting resources, such as –
    • Free, exclusive Peace At Home Parenting Facebook Page
      • Ask questions
      • Post your challenges and successes
      • Hear from Ruth, other parenting experts, and parents just like you
    • Free, monthly Q&A sessions conducted by Ruth and other educators. Get your questions answered as you apply new concepts and hear from other parents working on similar goals

If your webinar inspires you to make changes, remember to focus on progress not perfection. Recognize that change is a process. There is no one right way. Find confidence and use the support of others to discover your way. You know your child, your family, and your values better than anyone. Engage with others. Be patient. Be kind to yourself in the same way you aspire to be kind to your children.


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