Peace At Home Parenting offers free resources for parents to help ease family stress

  • Live Facebook events for the next several weeks – Go to our public page on Facebook – Peace At Home Parenting. I will host the first few events, offer guidance on key issues such as helping children process disappointment and fear and I will answer questions as they arise through comments. Some of our teacher specialists will join each event to respond to specific issues including those related to children under 5 and to children with social-emotional challenges.
  • Free Online ClassesWe will eliminate fees for specific live and recorded classes that will be helpful to families at this time. Some of these include:
    • “Positive Discipline for Peace At Home”
    • “Be Your Child’s Calm Center”
    • “Be Your Child’s Emotions Coach”
    • “Take the Stress Out of Parenting”
    • “Routines, Chores and Family Meetings”
  • Peace At Home Private GroupWe will open our monitored, private Facebook group to parents who reach out to us through Facebook events or email in order to expand support and connection among parents and with our teachers.

We are in the process of developing two new classes – “Help Your Child Feel Safe in a Complicated World” and “Work with Your Family so You Can Work at Home.” We also continue to offer regular private online coaching by the hour and flash coaching options (20 minutes) as a more moderately priced solution. Email us at

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We wish for you safety and serenity.

Ruth E. Freeman, LCSW
Founder and Managing Director
Peace at Home Parenting LLC
Online classes and coaching for peace at home and success in school
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