Little Kids, Big Feelings


The emotions center of your young child’s brain is developing faster than the thinking part of their brain. That is why they sometimes get swamped with emotions and have unreasonable meltdowns. Your young child needs your calm energy to help their overwhelmed brain calm down. You have probably already noticed that timeouts, threats and punishments really don’t help and actually often make things worse. So how do we help young children manage their emotions and their behavior? This series of classes will help you:

  • Recognize the importance of developing practices to calm your brain when your child is upset
  • Apply effective strategies to reduce and respond to tantrums and help your child manage their emotions
  • Create routines and apply positive discipline approaches that support cooperation in young children

● Teach your children digital citizenship

● Develop an open conversation for the unpredictable

● Help your child develop a strong moral filter

● Support your child’s social life online and off