Lunch & Learn – The Vital Link between Sleep and Schoolwork


Join a candid Lunch and Learn conversation with founder Ruth E. Freeman, LCSW as she interviews Peace At Home experts on the issues that matter most to parents. Jump in and ask questions, make comments and connect with other parents who are seeking answers to the tough questions.

This insightful session with Peace At Home sleep expert, Lisa J. Meltzer, PhD, will explore the crucial impact of sleep on the academic performance and overall well-being of children and teens. Discover practical tips to improve sleep habits and understand the science behind how sleep quality and duration influence concentration, memory, and learning outcomes in school. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your child’s educational success through better sleep practices.

During this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Apply practical strategies specific to your parenting challenges
  • Feel more confident and clear about your parenting approaches
  • Recognize that other parents are going through the same challenges and you are not alone