Pamela Miller, BFA is the determined and talented owner of PLBMDesign. Peace At Home Parenting founder, Ruth Freeman and Pam first met when she was a parenting class participant with 2 and 5 year old children. Little did we know then what an important role she would play in our future, applying her well-developed skills and boundless patience in translating our mission into digital communication. Pam has tirelessly supported us to create a working website that links curious parents to meaningful resources and helping to spread the word to parents across the country. She understands Peace At Home Parenting from the inside out. When Pam is not dreaming up website visions and delivering SEO strategies for small to mid-size business owners, she is a devoted mom, wife, ski instructor, rowing coach and horse whisperer. Pam challenges the Peace At Home Parenting team to clarify and simplify our message and delivery tools. She never gives up and keeps the team going in ways that matter.

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