Dad, Let’s Talk. Give Your Child the Attention They Crave


Finding your own nurturing style as a dad can be tricky. But learning how to meet your child’s emotional needs doesn’t have to be too complicated. We can help. We all carry our own ideas about what fatherhood means, and these ideas are often influenced by our own experiences. Becoming aware of those beliefs and behaviors helps us to decide what we want to pass on and what to leave behind. Join a Peace At Home expert and other dads in learning how to create rules, routines, rhythms and rituals within your family that support a peaceful home.

  • For additional support, check Our Parenting Principles Library. Explore the Video Solutions and Handouts for all the classes including Keep Calm and Pass it On and Positive Connections for More Cooperation.
  • Identify beliefs and behaviors you want to carry on and what you want to leave behind from your own childhood
  • Find your own balance between playfulness and boundary setting
  • Recognize what your child’s behaviors are communicating about their needs