The parent-child relationship is the most powerful mental health intervention known to humankind.

Bessel van de Kolk, MD

The parent-child relationship provides us with the blueprint for all future connections.

The Trauma Initiative

Relationships are the oxygen of human development.

Peter Benson

Focus on your child's effort and progress in school to inspire motivation.

Dana Asby, MA, MEd

Playfulness grabs attention and gets your child’s thinking brain ready to listen and learn.

JoAnn Robinson, PhD

Trust your gut - no one has ever parented your child at this age and stage before.

Amy Alamar, EdD

Connect with inspiring experts to build the family you really want

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Because when you understand the basics of child development, parenting is easier...and much less stressful. You know your kids, we know the research - let's put it all together.


We connect you with caring experts who translate research into practical strategies. Talk with us through live classes, coaching and our private Facebook group. You've got challenges, we've got easy digital solutions.

Create Peace at Home

See parenting through a new lens. Recognize the parenting behaviors you use that are great for kids, drop the ineffective (and sometimes harmful) approaches and add new tools to build the family you really want.


Why Our Solutions Work

Recognized, Experienced Professionals

Connect with our team of recognized, experienced professionals.  We have:

Depth. Experts with advanced degrees who specialize in child and parenting issues from prenatal development through young adulthood

Talent. Specialists who are passionate about improving outcomes for children, can answer tough questions on the spot, and inspire over 89% of parents who take their first class to come back for more

Experience. Seasoned professionals who work with diverse children and families translate research into practical solutions that win a 97% overall satisfaction rate among class participants.

Turning Research Into Practical Tools

Peace At Home transforms research into practical tools.  We provide:

Content. It starts with evidence-based strategies, from birth through young adulthood, proven to make a difference in your life.  Easily digestible and simple to implement, our solutions help you bring more connection, cooperation and joy back into your family. Less stress, more control, and more productivity.

Tools. Live classes and conversations, digital libraries, 1:1 coaching, and community. Multiple tools connecting you to our experts and solutions.

Peace At Home parents are more confident and effective because they recognize:

  • The powerful effect of relationships on brain development
  • The essential needs and tasks associated with each developmental stage
  • And the impact of mirror neurons on mood and well-being

Peace At Home parents come to understand that children’s behavior tells a story — that they are not “acting out” but “reaching out.”  Ruth E. Freeman, LCSW, founded the company on her belief that practicing and teaching kindness, compassion, and respect toward self and others is essential to growth and productivity in both children and adults.

Direct Contact with Our Experts

You have direct support to our unmatched team helping you build confidence & increase connection

  • Classes. Our experts deliver sessions focused on evidence-based strategies. We value the conversations among parents and answer questions on the spot to help you integrate effective tools into your daily life.
  • 1:1 Coaching. Individual guidance from one of our specialists can turn around a situation that might escalate without intervention
  • Community. Support includes a monthly Q&A session and a private Facebook group, moderated by our team to provide answers when you need them

Proven to make a difference

Peace At Home Solutions make a difference:

  • 97% overall satisfaction rating by participants
  • 89% of participants take another class
  • Proven outcomes

Research findings related to pandemic stressors for families indicate that parental support and increased perceived control are promising interventions.*

We deliver these needed interventions. A University of Connecticut evaluation reported** the following outcomes for parents who access Peace at Home parenting services:

  • Increased feelings of being supported in parenting goals
  • Increased sense of control and competence with their children
  • Reduced dysfunctional discipline practices


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What People Are Saying

This class was very informative and I learned some very useful information that I can begin using at home immediately. It also gave me some insight into my toddler's way of learning and coping. It was super helpful and I look forward to what the next offering might be. I think I will likely visit the Peace At Home site on my own as well.

- Julie T,

Thanks for sharing! I appreciate Yum providing career AND FAMILY training tools.

- Jennifer C,

I appreciate these classes. Although they "sting" because there are often areas that I struggle with being explored, I take all the help that is offered.

- Jillianne D,

Amazing class thank you so much Ruth god bless you n family and all you hard working team.

- Aleida M,

Wonderful as always!

- Emily O,

Very informative, the presenter precise, and clear, liked the polling questions. over all great presentation

- Andrew A,

This was priceless content and very informative. Thank you for a great session!

- Christine P,

The class and the teacher were 100% wonderful. :) i love being a mom

- Brianna B,

So sorry I had to leave the class early for a work meeting. I will join the suggested follow-up trainings for sure!

- Amanda A,

I'm so grateful that CVS has given us access to such wonderful seminars.

- Jennifer B,

I watched one of the recorded classes and it helped tremendously with my boys tonight. I’m usually yelling while my oldest has a tantrum. I stayed calm and ignored his negative behaviors and acknowledged when my boys did something positive. First night I didn’t lose my cool and I just wanted to say thank you. I followed the checklist for success and it worked :)

- Megan, Connecticut

What an incredible resource for MIT employees! I will definitely attend another session and will recommend this resource to colleagues. Blown away by the presentation and how simply the solutions were presented. I feel very prepared to have some good conversations with my tween (and my 8-year-old-who-thinks-he's-a-teen!). Thank you

- JoAnna, MIT,

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