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When your child approaches you to share or process their thoughts and feelings about gender identity or sexual orientation they are trusting you with their deepest sense self. These conversations can spark fears for their wellbeing and it can be a struggle in that moment to know how to respond without rejecting or discounting their experience. Explore our Raising LGBTQ+ Youth and Gender Essentials Quick Video Library and three-part series Coming Out Together: Parenting Your Magical LGBTQIA+ Kid to help you prepare for an open, ongoing dialogue with your child or teen that is candid, authentic and supportive. Explore all our resources and get clarity on proven tools that give you the confidence to help your family thrive: 

  • Quick Video Library – Watch or just listen to quick videos with informative handouts with proven solutions that quickly produce positive results
  • Recorded Workshops – These 60-minute workshops provide a deeper dive into tools and strategies for you and your child and why they work.
  • Podcasts and  Blogs Expert guidance, tools and tips based on the latest parenting and child development research.
  • 1:1 Consultations – Talk with our experts for personalized solutions and support to address your family’s unique challenges.

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Quick Video Solutions Library

Raising LGBTQ+ Youth and Gender Essentials

Recorded Series (1)

Aren't They Too Young to Make These Decisions, What's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity?

Recorded Series (2)

How Can I Stay Connected to my LGBTQIA+ Child through Open and Loving Communication?

Recorded Series (3)

Pulling it All Together: Questions, Stories and How to Keep Growing and Learning Alongside Your Magical LGBTQIA+ Child

Recorded Workshop

What to Say to Your Child and How to Communicate it with Love and Acceptance


Talking about Sex and Sexuality with Your Teen


What Does it Mean to Affirm My Child's Gender? And Why is That Important?


Family Gatherings and Everyday Conversations: Let’s Talk About Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation


Supporting Gender Expansive Young Children’s Mental Health in Schools


LGBTQIA+ Representation in Kids’ Media

Our Peace at Home team of 40+ advanced degree experts are seasoned specialists who focus on development from the womb through young adulthood, as well as specific issues such as difficulties in school, mental health challenges, neurodiversity, LGBTQ+ identity formation, handling racism, navigating grief, and more. Our teachers are skilled parenting problem solvers, providing valuable insights, accurate information and customized answers for you on the spot.

Proven Results.  After just one live session, Peace At Home achieved the gold standard of reducing parenting dysfunction.*  

If you’re facing chronic challenges with your child or just wondering about day-to-day issues, you can trust Peace At Home to give you the support and strategies you need to move forward with confidence.  We focus on progress and not perfection. We won’t give you parenting hacks or shortcuts, but do promise that you’ll have easy access to the science,  experience, and power of relationships as you respond to the unexpected challenges of our unpredictable world. 

Peace At Home was founded by Ruth E. Freeman, LSCW, watch here as she describes  how and why Peace at Home Parenting Solutions came to be. 

* Russell, Beth, et. al. “Reducing Hostile Parenting through Computer-Mediated Parenting Education” 77 (2017) 66-73.

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