Student Learning Is Rooted in Relationships

We help parents apply evidence-based strategies to create nurturing relationships and secure bases that protect children's mental health.


of schools report adolescent stress is worse this school year


of students 14+ with a mental health condition drop out of school


of working parents are struggling with “parental burnout”

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What an incredible resource! I will definitely attend another session. Blown away by the presentation and how simply the solutions were presented.

JoAnna P.


Creating Peace At Home

Parents who understand the brain-body-behavior connection are less stressed, so their kids are less stressed. That means your teachers are less stressed too. Your educators and mental health team can focus more on the child while we help parents gain the skills they need to effectively support children at home. Peace At Home will strengthen the parent-school partnership and help your team do more with less.

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We'll collaborate with you to develop a custom, branded, digital Parenting Solution Portal to help your families thrive at home, creating a stronger home and school connection.

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Expert guidance, tools, and tips based on the latest parenting and child development research. Check out this month's live workshops, podcasts, blogs, tips, and more.

Parenting For Mental Wellbeing

Children’s Mental Health Problems are family problems that impact the learning. Providing support to parents can improve outcomes for kids and strengthen the home and school connection.

Peace At Home Resources: Accessible Solutions and Results

Live Interactive Workshops

Check out our weekly schedule of workshops or let us customize content to address the specific concerns of your community. And you can do both to offer workshops on even more topics.

Quick Video Solutions

Over 150 on-demand videos and handouts available 24x7 to watch or just listen to on the go. Experts share easy-to-use, proven strategies that solve big and small challenges.

1:1 Consultation

Individual guidance from one of our experts can turn around a difficult situation that might otherwise escalate without support. We carefully match each request to the specific areas of expertise of our specialists.

Community and Support

Monthly Q&A sessions, our expert monitored Facebook Group, and Parent Guides get parents on the spot answers and resources for learning and support.

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Peace At Home for Student Well-Being

Peace At Home is a “Resource Room” for parents. Our on-demand, evidence-based resources: (1) Reduce parent dysfunction, (2) Strengthen parent-school partnerships and (3) Increase the number of parents your staff can support with far less stress.

Let’s give parents the solutions and support they need to help kids thrive at home, so students come to school more resilient and ready to learn.

Unmatched Expertise

Our team of advanced degree experts is always one step ahead. We teach the most up-to-date science of child development to parents in an easy-to-use and approachable way. Our experts design and deliver workshops, content and consultation to help parents navigate challenges including school-related issues like homework problems, attendance issues, executive function challenges, parent teacher communication, and supporting a love of learning. Let's do this together.

Proven to Make a Difference

Peace At Home is proud of our 97% satisfaction rating among workshop participants. According to a University of Connecticut evaluation, after just one Peace At Home class, participants reported these important outcomes:

  • Reduced dysfunctional discipline practices
  • Increased feelings of being supported in parenting goals
  • Increased sense of control and competence with their children

Clients Trust Peace At Home To Deliver

Custom Solutions

Proven support for the issues and challenges impacting your students and families at home

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Quick implementation, registration and delivery


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Extraordinatory Care

Compassionate support for parents, premier customer care for your team

Let’s Do This

Helping parents address challenges at home is critical to your students' success, It is also our mission. We are grateful for our partnerships that bring families more Peace at Home.

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