A one-on-one Private Session with an expert Consultant hand-picked for you and your family.

Private Consults are ideal for parents who:

  • Are experiencing persistent challenges & nothing seems to work
  • Lack confidence in their parenting approaches and want some expert feedback
  • Want to strengthen their parent-child relationship(s)
  • Think there must be a better way
  • Want to enrich family life in specific ways


Benefits of Private Sessions with a Parenting Expert

A Private 1:1 Session is an opportunity to receive unique, personalized solutions created to address your family’s specific needs. Many parents find that one session is enough for dramatic improvement - and often resolution to most parenting challenges

Peace at Home

Identify specific goals describing the changes you envision for your child and for your parenting

Peace at Home

Develop a positive behavior plan with concrete strategies and steps that you can immediately apply

Peace at Home

Identify strategies that strengthen your ability to carry out your plan and sustain a positive relationship with your child and family

Explore informative courses with proven strategies that help restore work-life balance, address common and unique parenting challenges, and foster peace at home.

We have experts in areas & specializations such as…

Managing Emotions

Motivating School Success

Inspiring Cooperation

Reducing Anxiety


LGBTQ+ Youth

Improving Co-parenting

Handling Grief and Loss

Ready to get personalized help?

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Information shared by Peace at Home Parenting Educators is not intended as a replacement for clinical mental health services. Your pediatrician can suggest clinical services or if your child is in crisis, go to your nearest hospital emergency room or call 911.

Disclaimer: Peace at Home Parenting Solutions Experts provide parenting education only and are not acting as therapists or clinicians. Experts may take notes on your conversations as a way of maintaining continuity between sessions. These are not medical notes and are not covered under HIPAA law. Any notes will be kept confidential except in the case of a court order. Peace at Home Parenting Experts are mandated reporters in the event of suspected abuse or neglect of a minor.

We know life happens! If you need to re-book or cancel your Consulting Session, please give us 24 hours advance notice to ensure you will not be charged for the session.

What People Are Saying About Our Consulting

Explore informative courses with proven strategies that help restore work-life balance, address common and unique parenting challenges.

Peace at Home

Thank you for the quick meeting yesterday. We have spent a lot of time and money on a therapist and have done a few different ways, but it seems that your words really resonated with my husband and I yesterday and I have already seen vast improvement. It’s amazing how some things just click!

- J.F, Private Consulting Participant

We could see an immediate shift in our 6 years old's behavior after we applied some simple techniques. One of which was just to fine one thing a day to take delight in what they were doing to help avoid being frustrated and critical. The minor shift in recognition and positivity lead to better behavior, less sibling rivalry and more willingness to follow rules and requests without anger. THANK YOU!

A.F, Omnicom Participant

"Ruth was unbelievably helpful! After understanding what our goal was in meeting with her, in just 60 minutes, Ruth listened and took in the information she needed to understand both my husband and myself. She literally decoded the root cause of a substantial part of our parenting / relationship issues with our son. She blew both of us away with her synthesis. And as a result, we now have a path to work on that will reap so many benefits for our family. We will continue working with her to get to our end goal. She is one talented lady! I truly wish every parent had access to this critical resource. Parenting is not easy! We all do our best with our own filters based on our life experiences. Some filters need to be cleaned out and maybe replaced! Seeing a path and way forward to clear these blockages feels like the ultimate freedom and relief as a parent. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. "

C.P, Private Consulting Participant

I love everyone at Peaceful Parenting! Aaron is especially great. Ruth is the best and I'm glad to have you in the busy days of life. We are blessed, truly.

T.K, Private Consulting Participant

"The Counsellor was very knowledgeable, and we felt heard throughout the session. the only suggestion is that we were caught off-guard on the flow of the session - there was a lot of deep-diving into our family histories (which is fine) but more than half of the session was spent on discussing that. If we would have gotten the Session Agenda/Session flow ahead of time, then we would have kept the responses tighter and maybe used the time for a deep dive into my son's issues. "

B.H, The LEGO Group Participant
Peace at Home