About Us

Peace on earth begins with peace at home. Our vision is that all parents and caregivers have the knowledge, tools and support they need to raise children who thrive.

Peace at Home Parenting is a dynamic hub of knowledge and compassionate support that inspires parents to create radical positive change for their children, their families and themselves. Our content synthesizes the science, our experts’ experience and the power of relationships to support parents as they raise their kids and respond to the unexpected challenges families are facing.

Seasoned expert specialists are drawn to Peace at Home’s body of knowledge, collaborative community and consistent philosophy of practice. Our team of experts focus on development from the womb through young adulthood, as well as specific issues such as difficulties in school, mental health challenges, neurodiversity, LGBTQ+ identity formation, handling racism, navigating grief, and other matters parents and our partners identify.

We enthusiastically translate research and experience into practical tools delivered with insight, warmth and compassion. As new challenges arise, we are able to recruit the on-point experts from our vast network, because they trust our integrity and commitment to both parents and to excellence.

We know that meaningful, long-lasting change happens through relationships. Peace at Home puts that priority into action by:

1. Providing parents the confidence and knowledge to apply the power of the parent-child relationship
2. Reducing isolation by building community among parents and their peers
3. Harnessing the power of human connection between parents and our experts

Peace at Home is the premier center for cutting-edge knowledge and engagement, supporting parents where they work, where their kids go to school and through the organizations that support them.

Hear from our founder, Ruth Freeman, LCSW, on why she created Peace at Home Parenting and how our team helps families like yours.

Hi Folks I’m Ruth Freeman, founder of Peace at Home Parenting.  When asked what makes Peace At Home’s guidance special, the answer always comes back to our principles which are built on decades of research focused on parent-child relationships and outcomes for kids. These principles guide everything we do at Peace At Home. Children thrive when parents understand these 6 ideas:

1. Create rules, routines, rhythms and rituals with your family

2. Be your child’s calm center (starting with being your own)

3. Strengthen emotional intelligence and coach problem solving

4. Focus on connection and curiosity

5. Recognize the power of play and playfulness

6. Understand yourself

Peace at Home Parenting's Team

Ruth Freeman, LCSW
President & Founder

Ruth is a psychotherapist in private practice who has taught parenting education to hundreds of parents annually over the past 30+ years. She is co-founder of the Connecticut Parenting Education Network and lead author of Building Family Futures, a University of Connecticut train-the-trainer parenting education curriculum. Ruth has also served as the Family Services Director for The Cove Center for Grieving Children, Family Services Manager for EASTCONN Head Start and Primary Therapist at the Newington Children's Hospital Inpatient Psychiatric Services. Ruth’s approach to parenting education incorporates her clinical experience with children and families in crisis, as well as key concepts synthesized from a wide range of sources. Ruth freely and humorously shares the real-life blunders, challenges and successes she has had applying positive parenting as a bio mom, stepmom, foster mom and “Nana.”

Kathleen Harkins Weissenberger, CEO

Kathleen, leads the implementation of the company’s mission and revenue growth, maintaining leadership in the online parenting education space and commitment to serving all parents in need. Kathleen thrives on merging the big picture with the tactical operations to help organizations achieve success. Previously, Kathleen was a founding partner with Transparent Health Group, where she led Operations and Client Success. She spent ten years with NatWest/Fleet Bank, managing bank-wide projects and mergers, and served in a number of operational roles. Kathleen has held leadership roles with both town and school organizations in her community of Glen Ridge, New Jersey where she and her husband raised their two sons.

Aaron Weintraub, MS, Chief Product Officer

Aaron Weintraub, MS has almost thirty years of experience in supporting families of children with special needs. Aaron's approach is focused on recognizing strengths in the child and family system and draws from experience working in settings from infant development centers, public schools, university instruction, adult day services, private practice for children with special needs, and everything in between. Aaron has three children whose ages range from an adult daughter to a young son. Aaron is serving as both a teacher of live online classes, virtual parenting coach, and Chief Product Officer for Peace At Home Parenting. He is the director of Kids Cooperate in Tolland, CT and the behavior specialist at Holiday Hill Day Camp in Mansfield, CT.

Aimee Quijanoo, Scheduling Coordinator

Aimee has a Bachelor of Science degree from Mitchell College in the area of Child Development and Family Studies. Her passion has been working with children and adolescents. Her work and volunteer experiences range from working at recreation departments, Big Brother Big Sister, Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, The Gengras Center, IMG Academy, and ILoveKickBoxing. She is currently living in Florida with her husband and one and a 1/2 year old daughter.

Alexandra Schwartz, Technical Support Coordinator

University of Connecticut studying psychology and Spanish. She recently graduated and now works as a research assistant at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Ali has worked in the UCONN Child Development labs, an inpatient psychiatric unit, and as an ABA therapist. Ali is also a passionate world traveler. She was a summer intern in Asia, traveled throughout Europe, and spent a semester abroad in Argentina. She is proficient in Spanish and intrigued by all cultures of the world. Ali is serving as Communications Assistant to Peace At Home Parenting.

Alisha Bhende, Client Relationship Manager

Alisha Bhende, MBA works as a Parent Guide and Administrative Assistant with Peace At Home Parenting. She loves to interact with parents, learn about their challenges, and help them find the solutions they seek. Alisha also works closely with the Peace At Home sales and marketing teams, helping to bring Peace At Home to parents through corporations, non-profits, towns, schools, and other organizations. She is patient, organized, and a pro at multitasking, which makes her a valued member of our team. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and recently earned a Master’s degree in Human Resources from the University of Pune. She is based out of India. Alisha is a talented artist, a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, and a voracious reader.

Alyssa LaFrance, Client Development Coordinator

Alyssa is a graduate of the University of North Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Communications. She has a passion for improving health care standards and thrives on making a difference for others. Alyssa comes from a large, close-knit family which drives her love for children and in creating strong family values. Alyssa and her husband were just recently married and look forward to life’s next big adventures. Alyssa applies her enthusiasm for high quality services and strengthening family life as Peace at Home's Client Development Coordinator.

Moumita Ghosh, Creative Manager

Moumita Ghosh, BA is a graduate of Amity University and has been studying graphic and web design for over 3 years. Moumita began working part-time for Peace At Home Parenting Solutions and quickly became a valued team member. She now works full-time for Peace At Home while finishing her degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. When not so busy studying and utilizing her artistic talents, she enjoys reading, watching films and indulging herself with music. She has several awards to her name in Dramatics and Narration.

Randi Manafort, Client Engagement Coordinator

Randi is excited to be a part of Peace at Home Parenting. As a mom to three teenage sons, Peace At Home Parenting has been a valuable resource to her for many years. Learning and understanding strategies to help navigate the way through the parenting process can be quite an undertaking. Having benefitted greatly from the Peace at Home Parenting philosophy and coaching, Randi is better equipped to handle the challenges that come with being a parent, and she is passionate about helping others do the same. With a background in Human Resources, Randi knows the importance of positive communication and truly enjoys helping others. In addition to a busy family life, Randi enjoys her involvement with the Prudence Crandall Center in New Britain, CT as well as the Ryan Lee Foundation in Berlin, CT

Mary-Lee Austin, Client Development Manager

Mary-Lee Austin is a Client Development Manager at Peace at Home Parenting Solutions. She has held leadership positions in brand development, project management and social media marketing. She is passionate about giving back and is an active board member for a local non-profit organization where she creates partnerships with community groups and is a successful grant writer. As Client Development Manager for Peace at Home Parenting, Mary-Lee brings strategic thinking, and problem solving to develop custom programs that effectively meet each client’s unique needs. Mary-Lee’s favorite role to date has been Mom to her three amazing daughters!

Lisa Day-Lewis (she/her/hers), Engagement Coordinator

Lisa Day-Lewis joined the Peace At Home Team as part of the Engagement team, though comes with a variety of skills and parenting expertise. Lisa earned her Master Degree in Education from Salem State University with a focus on School Guidance Counseling, and then went on to earn an advanced degree in School Social Work. Lisa is also a certified Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Health Counselor. She applies holistic methods to offer counseling to people of all ages. In 2021 she self-published her book, The Ayurveda Experiment, to guide people in applying the principles of Ayurveda to their lives in practical steps. She is the mother of two boys, Luka and Griffin. Lisa is also an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. She co-leads a monthly support group for parents and participates in Pride events all over New England.