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Do you work with parents who are concerned about problems with their children?

Peace at Home translates current research into practical tools diverse parents use to help children thrive.

Could your staff use 24/7 digital parenting resources to share with clients?

You will have access to videos that detail practical skills to address children’s needs and establish healthy family relationships.

Do you need customized solutions for caregivers or staff?

Our experts design and deliver programs for parents and professional development for family support professionals.

Tools to help parents build nuturing families

Peace at home


Connect with our team of recognized, experienced professionals.

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Peace At Home transforms research starts with evidence-based strategies.

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You have direct support to our unmatched team helping you build confidence

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Peace At Home Solution Research findings related to stressors for families

Build Understanding

Meaningful, long-lasting change happens through relationship. Peace at Home puts that priority into action by:

  • Providing parents the confidence and knowledge to strengthen the parent-child relationship
  • Reducing isolation by building community among parents and their peers
  • Harnessing the power of human connection between parents and our experts

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What Peace at Home Parents are Saying

We are grateful and inspired by the parents and caregivers who have placed their trust in us

Peace at Home

Ruth is a legend; her knowledge and wisdom have helped countless individuals, families, and youth. She is a think-outside-the-box, intuitive, and groundbreaking therapist and teacher. She has been and continues to be a huge inspiration and mentor.

LDL - Parent & Educator

I love having this resource available. I've taken quite a few classes and each time I receive an email with the upcoming classes I sign up for more. Sometimes even as adults you need to hear information over and over to get it to sink in especially when dealing with a toddler. Thanks for being available.

Jenna W.

This class was very informative and I learned some very useful information that I can begin using at home immediately. It also gave me some insight into my toddler's way of learning and coping. It was super helpful and I look forward to what the next offering might be. I think I will likely visit the Peace At Home site on my own as well.

Julie T.

Thanks for sharing! I appreciate Yum providing career AND FAMILY training tools.

Jennifer C.

Amazing class thank you so much Ruth god bless you n family and all you hard working team.

Aleida M.

So sorry I had to leave the class early for a work meeting. I will join the suggested follow-up trainings for sure!

Amanda A.

Very informative, the presenter precise, and clear, liked the polling questions. over all great presentation

Andrew A.

The class and the teacher were 100% wonderful. :) i love being a mom

Brianna B.

This was very informative and I really appreciate the at home strategies suggested.

Cari A.

This was a really great session. Thank you!

Casey L.

Thank you. This class came at the perfect time for me.

Cheryl D.

I loved the solutions that you offered to us and the techniques for managing these difficult conversations. I specifically liked the ones you listed for how to set intentions for some meetings that we have internally, especially when you know that the topic is a heated one.

Sam A.

This was priceless content and very informative. Thank you for a great session!

Christine P.

Great information- but a LOT of it. Thank you for the ability to download information to review later! I'm really working on being a better GRANDMA!

Cheryl S.

I just love and appreciate the resource of Peace at Home. Whenever I attend I feel 'good' about my parenting, but also learn what I can do better. The team is amazing, supporting me to share my own stories/flaws and fears. They provide such a safe environment with encouragement and guidance.

Jane S.
Peace at Home