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Parents are burned out and experiencing increased anxiety, depression, and alcohol use, as they use more punitive parenting and feel distant from their children. This is compounded by our national pediatric mental health crisis, where children and teens are suffering from anxiety, depression and suicide at alarming rates.

Parents need direct support and proven solutions to understand the brain-body-behavior connection at every stage to know how to protect their children’s mental health and their own.   

Research findings related to pandemic stressors for families indicate that parental support and increased perceived control are promising interventionsPeace at Home delivers these needed interventions.  After just one live session, Peace at Home achieved the gold standard of reducing parenting dysfunction (read more in About Us >)

Affordable Solutions To Help Working Parents and Organizations Thrive

96% of Peace at Home Parents use what they learn to take positive action, express increased confidence in their parenting and feel valued by their employer

Live Interactive Workshops

Offer Peace at Home's weekly schedule, or let us customize content to address the specific concerns of your ERG's or do both for more engaging workshops for your team.

Quick Video Solutions

Over 150 on-demand videos and handouts for your to watch or just listen to on the go. Experts share easy-to-use, proven strategies that solve big and small challenges.


Individual guidance from one of our experts can turn around a difficult situation quickly. We carefully match every request to one of our experts.

Community & Support

Monthly Q&As, private, monitored Facebook groups and Parent Guides connect parents with the just right answers and resources.

Parenting Solutions Portal

A branded, login-protected website, showcasing the Peace at Home resources for your team from prenatal to young adult.

Peace at Home provides proven solutions and compassionate support for parents on how best to handle the expected challenges of raising children from prenatal to young adult as well as the unexpected concerns parents face, including parental burnout, the pediatric mental health crisis, special needs,  gender and sexuality, and helping your child feel safe in response to events that unfold in our unpredictable world.
See more workshop topics here Custom Interactive Workshops

When asked, how has Peace at Home helped support you at work – Peace at Home Parents shared

Home life and work life are never truly separate. Working through stabilizing one will always stabilize the other.  – CVS Health

Having these courses available and easy to attend, without having to go out and find them myself, means that I’m able to focus more on my job instead of spending time researching things. They also make me feel valued as an employee, knowing that Yale sees value in giving their employees these types of resources as part of their benefits. 

They let me know that my employer values my children as well as myself and knows how important being a good parent is. – The LEGO Group

We are proud of our 98% Parent Satisfaction Rating and appreciate the feedback celebrated in this video.  Let’s talk about what your working parents need and how Peace at Home can help.

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30+ Advanced degree experts who specialize in child and parenting issues from prenatal development through young adulthood.

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