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The science behind child development and parenting is abundant. We’ve translated it for you into easy-to-use, science-based strategies for long-lasting change. 

  • Proven solutions quickly produce positive results. With these tools, you’ll inspire cooperation with your kids.  Many are simple (routines, uninterrupted time each day, shared meals). Done consistently these have an amazing impact on behavior and allow more time for connection and joy. 
  • Parents who understand the brain-body-behavior connection at each stage of development are more confident and effective. Recognizing children’s needs and providing effective guidance reduces your stress as well as your children’s, particularly important in our post-pandemic pediatric mental health crisis.
  • Meaningful, long-lasting change happens through everyday relationships.  We’ll help you tap into the power of the parent-child relationship, connect with other parents to share similar experiences and harness the power of connection with our experts to feel compassionate support no matter how big or small the issue.

Solutions at Your Finger Tips

Join in a workshop, watch a quick video, join the conversation with your peers, and get answers on the spot to take some of the stress out of parenting

Live Interactive Workshops

Live, engaging, interactive, online Workshops connect you with experts to learn, share, de-stress and get answers.

Quick Video Solutions

Easy-to-use, proven strategies that help solve over 150 big and small challenges with quick videos and handouts.

1:1 Consulting

Individual guidance from one of our experts can turn around a challenging situation or support you along your journey.


Join our monthly Q&As and our expert monitored Facebook group to connect with your peers and get answers from our experts.


Parent Guides are ready to connect you with the just right resources and answer any questions along the way.

Our Peace at Home team of 35+ advanced degree experts are seasoned specialists who focus on development from the womb through young adulthood, as well as specific issues such as difficulties in school, mental health challenges, neurodiversity, LGBTQ+ identity formation, handling racism, navigating grief, and more. Our teachers are skilled parenting problem solvers, providing valuable insights, accurate information and customized answers for you on the spot.

Proven Results.  After just one live session, Peace at Home achieved the gold standard of reducing parenting dysfunction.  

If you’re facing chronic challenges with your child or just wondering about day-to-day issues, you can trust Peace at Home to give you the support and strategies you need to move forward with confidence.  We focus on progress and not perfection. We won’t give you parenting hacks or shortcuts, but do promise that you’ll have easy access to the science,  experience, and power of relationships as you respond to the unexpected challenges of our unpredictable world. 

Peace at Home was founded by Ruth E. Freeman, LSCW, watch here as she describes  how and why Peace at Home Parenting Solutions came to be. 

*Brown, Samantha M., et al. “Stress and Parenting During the Global COVID-19 Pandemic.” PsyArXiv, 29 June 2020. Web.
** Russell, Beth, et. al. “Reducing Hostile Parenting through Computer-Mediated Parenting Education” 77 (2017) 66-73.

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