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Parents have limited time and energy and they need proven solutions that quickly produce positive results. We now know more than ever about what children need to thrive based on what science has revealed about the brain-body-behavior connection. Become a Peace at Home parent today.

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Proven solutions and compassionate support giving you the clarity and confidence to help you, your children and your family thrive.

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What Peace at Home Parents are Saying

We are grateful and inspired by the parents and caregivers who have placed their trust in us

Peace at Home

Ruth is a legend; her knowledge and wisdom have helped countless individuals, families, and youth. She is a think-outside-the-box, intuitive, and groundbreaking therapist and teacher. She has been and continues to be a huge inspiration and mentor.

LDL - Parent & Educator

This class was very informative and I learned some very useful information that I can begin using at home immediately. It also gave me some insight into my toddler's way of learning and coping. It was super helpful and I look forward to what the next offering might be. I think I will likely visit the Peace At Home site on my own as well.

- Julie T,

Thanks for sharing! I appreciate Yum providing career AND FAMILY training tools.

- Jennifer C,

I appreciate these classes. Although they "sting" because there are often areas that I struggle with being explored, I take all the help that is offered.

- Jillianne D,

Amazing class thank you so much Ruth god bless you n family and all you hard working team.

- Aleida M,

Wonderful as always!

- Emily O,

Very informative, the presenter precise, and clear, liked the polling questions. over all great presentation

- Andrew A,

This was priceless content and very informative. Thank you for a great session!

- Christine P,

The class and the teacher were 100% wonderful. :) i love being a mom

- Brianna B,

So sorry I had to leave the class early for a work meeting. I will join the suggested follow-up trainings for sure!

- Amanda A,

I'm so grateful that CVS has given us access to such wonderful seminars.

- Jennifer B,

I watched one of the recorded classes and it helped tremendously with my boys tonight. I’m usually yelling while my oldest has a tantrum. I stayed calm and ignored his negative behaviors and acknowledged when my boys did something positive. First night I didn’t lose my cool and I just wanted to say thank you. I followed the checklist for success and it worked :)

- Megan,

What an incredible resource for MIT employees! I will definitely attend another session and will recommend this resource to colleagues. Blown away by the presentation and how simply the solutions were presented. I feel very prepared to have some good conversations with my tween (and my 8-year-old-who-thinks-he's-a-teen!). Thank you

- JoAnna,

Truly life changing webinar. I even went and bragged about going to it to my friends and family outside of Zip and how lucky we were that this was provided to us. Thank you!

- ZipRecruiter class participant,

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