1:1 Consulting

A one-on-one consultation with an expert coach hand-picked for you and your family.

1:1 Private Consults are ideal for parents who:

  • Are experiencing persistent challenges and nothing seems to work
  • Lack confidence in their parenting approaches and want some expert feedback
  • Want to strengthen their parent-child relationship(s)
  • Want to enrich family life in specific ways
  • Think there must be a better way


We know life happens! If you need to re-book or cancel your Consulting Session, please give us 24 hours advance notice to ensure you will not be charged for the session.

We have experts in areas and specializations such as…


Private sessions with a parenting expert

Private 1:1 Consulting is an opportunity to receive unique, personalized solutions created to address your family’s specific needs.

Many parents find that one session is enough for dramatic improvement—and often resolution—of most parenting challenges.

  • Identify specific goals describing the changes you envision for your child and for your parenting
  • Develop a positive behavior plan with concrete strategies and steps that you can immediately apply
  • Identify strategies that strengthen your ability to carry out your plan and sustain a positive relationship with your child and family
  • Attend on your own or invite others (partner, other adults, child care professional, etc.)
  • See improvements related to Self-worth, cooperation, practical skills, problem-solving, achievement, and creating a meaningful relationship
Ready to get personalized help?

$150 session – 60 minutes

Information shared by Peace at Home Parenting teachers is not intended as a replacement for clinical mental health services. Your pediatrician can suggest clinical services or if your child is in crisis, go to your nearest hospital emergency room or call 911.

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Thank you for the quick meeting yesterday. We have spent a lot of time and money on a therapist and have done a few different ways, but it seems that your words really resonated with my husband and I yesterday and I have already seen vast improvement. It’s amazing how some things just click!

- J&F, Private Consulting Participants