Parenting Children with Special Developmental and Emotional Needs


This series addresses ways to support your child with mental health and/or special social emotional needs. Many parents of children with special needs report higher than average levels of stress and conflict. Often anxiety or depression can look like misbehavior. Children with special needs may not respond to the discipline techniques that work for other children. Diagnoses like Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and mental health disorders require behavioral support strategies that are specific to each child’s needs. Effective discipline is built on empathy and a balance between flexibility and consistency. It’s time to stop just surviving and get the tools you need to thrive and enjoy your relationship with your child as you support their growth and development.Classes included in this series provide strategies to:

  •  Help your child make and maintain friendships
  •  Support your child to cope with anxiety or depression  
  •  Apply positive discipline for children with ADHD or other special needs
  •  Determine if your child is in need of therapy and if needed, how to help them get the most out of it