Parenting Essentials – Let’s Talk About You


Parenting is a demanding job that takes lots of physical and emotional energy. If you are stressed or exhausted it is difficult to be the parent that you want to be – regardless of how much parenting education you seek! Well-being includes your emotional, social, mental and physical health. It depends on feeling like you can cope with daily stressors, having a sense of purpose and generally enjoying life. Parents with a strong sense of wellbeing can manage difficult emotions, make time for supportive relationships and for doing things they enjoy. The purpose of this library is to help you achieve wellbeing by reflecting on your own needs and considering how your personal history may be affecting your parent-child relationships. This series will help you:

  • Recognize symptoms of distress that you may be ignoring and would benefit from attention
  • Consider beliefs and ideas that may be getting in the way of wellbeing and positive parenting
  • Address specific challenges such as getting on the same page with your co-parent and handling stepparenting relationships