Rebalance Chores at Home and Reignite Your Relationship with Your Partner: Playful Practical Strategies to Reduce the Stress and Increase Harmony


Most agree that finding ways to fairly share responsibilities at home is very important to feeling satisfied for couples who are married or living together. However, in 2020, 55% of men said they are very satisfied with this aspect of their relationship, while only 38% of women see it the same way. And ongoing conflicts between parents isn’t great for kids. So let’s dig into these differing views and discover what really works for both partners. Everybody loses out when we don’t have equity and everybody needs to participate in recalibrating how we do things to reach equality. Join us for an enlightening conversation and discover a new, highly effective approach to solving the persistent challenge of gender equity in household tasks among heterosexual couples.

You’ll gain tools to create a more balanced and harmonious partnership with less tension over daily life and more room for fun and fulfillment.

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After this workshop, you will be able to:   

  • Identify common gender inequities within heterosexual partnerships related to the distribution of household tasks and family responsibilities including invisible work/the mental load/emotional labor 
  • Recognize personal biases including your beliefs, assumptions, and expectations regarding gender roles and their impact on your relationship 
  • Identify the fundamental principles and strategies of The Fair Play Method, a practical framework designed to empower couples to achieve a fair and equitable division of household and family responsibilities
  • Apply the method’s practical tools and techniques, such as Fair Play cards, in your own relationships and navigate the negotiation and communication processes effectively
  • Identify strategies to maintain long-term harmony in household and family dynamics as life circumstances change