School Success: Inspire Motivation


Does your child seem unmotivated, stressed or just bored when it comes to school?

Do you play homework police instead of connecting positively with your child?

Are you confused about what will really help? 

Many parents feel overwhelmed or out of the loop when it comes to their kids’ education. How can you nurture your child’s education and support engagement in learning? This class will help support your child’s learning and motivation in ways that work. You will discover how to advocate in meaningful ways when necessary.

This class will prepare you to:

● Recognize and address your child’s progress and needs

● Partner with your child and, as needed, your child’s teacher to set up successful homework practices

● Apply simple, practical methods of inspiring your child’s motivation without taking over

● Identify when and how to contact a teacher about your child’s school challenges

This class will prepare you to:

  • Consider what you want to carry on and leave behind from your own childhood
  • Find your own balance between playfulness and boundary setting
  • Understand what your child’s behaviors are communicating about their needs

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