Setting Boundaries With Tweens and Teens While Encouraging Independence


We all want our kids to grow up to be capable, competent people who can find their own way in the world. But how do you help them get there? How do you know when tweens and teens are ready to do things on their own?

A strong positive relationship with your tween or teen is the basis of cooperation and helping them stay safe. Parents often think that if they find the just right punishment, their kids will cooperate. This myth can get in the way of building a positive connection with your child and keeping it strong even as they grow more independent. This class will help you recognize the importance of the parent-child connection to help teens stay safe as they explore the world.

  • Recognize the importance of attachment and the role it plays in cooperation
  • Recognize the nature of teen brain development to better understand their behaviors and needs
  • Identify and apply daily practices to strengthen your relationship with your child
  • Apply practical and effective steps to teach and support independence in your tween or teen
  • Apply firm and friendly boundaries as needed to help your teen stay safe as they mature