Positive Discipline and Secure Attachment: A Cultural Perspective


Even though most parents have spanked their child at one time or another, there is an amazing amount of research that tells us about the negative effects of corporal punishment. Understanding the roots of our discipline practices may be important in understanding why we choose certain parenting practices and how they affect our children.


During this workshop we will take a look at the history of slavery and colonialism to think together about their role in shaping beliefs about discipline and practices presumed to be “cultural.” We will discuss how these historical traumas may have influenced certain discipline techniques and their impact on children’s emotional, mental, and behavioral well-being.

We’ll also look at what research indicates about the kind of discipline that is both helpful and affirming to kids and increases cooperation. We will consider positive discipline and how it works. Positive discipline emphasizes understanding children’s needs and emotions while nurturing their growth and development. By using positive discipline techniques, parents build strong, trusting relationships with their children, leading to healthier emotional and social development. Science based, positive discipline approaches also tend to increase cooperation without harming children’s confidence and courage.

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After this workshop, you will be able to:   

  • Define the meaning of discipline and recognize how it is different from punishment
  • Connect the history of slavery and colonization with current discipline beliefs and practices that many presume to be “cultural”
  • Identify and apply effective positive discipline practices that are helpful and affirming