Promoting Independence


Do you want to promote independence in your teen or tween, but want to also keep them safe? Join us to explore important brain changes in your teen’s brain and why fostering independence is so important at this stage of development. Teens and tweens still need a lot of guidance and support, and it’s also important to strive toward independence as well. At the same time, boundaries are still important. How do you balance it all? Join other parents and Peace At Home expert in this virtual workshop to discuss strategies to promote independence in your tween or teen while focusing on safety along the way.

  • For additional support, check out the Quick Video Solutions Library, Teen Age Library- Support, Inspire and Connect Library Explore the Video Solutions and Handouts for all the classes including Talking to Teens: Communication for Connection and Positive Connections for More Cooperation for Teens
  • Create opportunities to develop independence safely in your teen 
  • Recognize why independence in tweens and teens is important
  • Identify your role as a parent in your teen’s life 
  • Recognize typical development in your teen’s brain and why they often make the choices they do