What’s Mindfulness and Why is it so Important


What is most delightful and sometimes maddening about children is that they are right here in this moment. They try to bring us into the present, but we often resist – cell phone in hand, shopping list in mind, eyes on the road to the future or worrying about the past. When we spend a lot of time on “auto-pilot,” life begins to feel empty and our relationship with our children can suffer. This series is focused on the meaning of mindfulness, why it is important and explores ways you can bring it into your life right this minute. In this library of classes you will learn ways to:

  • Apply strategies to respond effectively to stress in the moment.
  • Teach these practices to children, from toddlers to high school students.
  • Apply tools to use when children demonstrate challenging behaviors.
  • Make healthier choices with your time and energy to increase family connection
  • Reduce overall stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Use play to connect with each other in happy ways