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Let’s Get on the Same Page: Practical Steps to Resolve Parenting Style Conflicts (MIT)

December 06, 2023 12:00 pm EDT/EST
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About This Workshop

Parenting differences between partners can be helpful, but over time those conflicting parenting styles can become problematic. Join us to learn how to peacefully resolve parenting conflicts and get on the same page

Each of us grows up in a unique family and when we come together as a couple, we don’t usually talk about our parenting beliefs until children are actually on the scene. Unfortunately, different parenting styles can cause undue stress on a marriage and on children as well. But there are practical strategies you can use to get on the same page about common parenting disagreements. Join us to understand conflicting parenting styles and learn how to resolve your conflicts as a team. 

  • Click the button above to register for this MIT Exclusive, 45 minute, virtual, Interactive workshop.  We’ll email (1) a zoom link to add to your calendar, (2) reminders as the date gets closer and (3) a link to the recording and handouts once the live session is complete. Come learn proven, effective solutions that quickly produce positive results giving you more clarity and confidence.
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After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Recognize and celebrate your partner’s strengths and the differences in your parenting styles
  • Identify strategies to decrease the polarization of your parenting styles
  • Create a plan for approaching conversations about differences in parenting styles and ways to resolve them peacefully

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