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Parent Self-Awareness & Self-Care

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Embarking on the journey of parenthood begins with you, knowing who you are, understanding how you were raised, and learning self-care. Let Peace at Home help you secure your own oxygen mask and well-being so that you can model positive behaviors for your child, to help you both thrive. Together, we can initiate a ripple effect of positive change for generations to come.

Interactive Workshops

Take the Stress Out of Parenting
Parents are less stressed when their kids cooperate. Children are more cooperative when they feel positively connected with their parents. Learn the tools you need to quickly create the calm, joyful family you really want.
Be Your Child’s Calm Center: How to Stay Calm When Your Child is Stressed
Human beings are built to reflect each other’s emotions. When our children display intense feelings and behaviors, our brains naturally reflect those. You probably start to feel stressed, angry, fearful, or overwhelmed just like your kids. And you can’t help your child solve their problem or manage their behaviors if your own brain is stressed. So what can you do differently? You will learn practical strategies to help you be a calm center for your child’s emotional world.
Bring Your Inner Child To Work Day
Let’s be real…many of us have had our kids “at work” enough over the past couple of years, but what about our “inner child?” Let’s bring them out to play. Parents are vulnerable to passing on to their children unhealthy patterns of the past. Understanding your own childhood – both the positive and difficult experiences – can prevent us from recreating the harm to our children that was done to us.
5 Mindful Habits to Reduce Stress & Increase Happiness
Mindful parenting is not some new scientific discovery. Rather, it is an inner practice that can be simply embedded in our daily life and is waiting for you to discover.
Perfectionism: Finding the Joy in Letting Go
It has been said that perfectionism is a trait that makes life an endless report card on accomplishments or appearances. Discover how perfectionism can affect you and your children, and strategies that you can use to reduce it in your family.
Playtime with Your Kids: Move More, Build Connections, Stress Less
Explore movement and play as ways to improve wellness and connections for the whole family. In this live, interactive workshop a Peace At Home expert will guide a discussion about why movement based activities are so important for your family’s health and overall wellbeing. We will discover practical and fun ways to get your family enjoying a fun, active summer together.
Easy Meal Prep for Busy Parents
Take the stress out of meal prep and get healthy at the same time. From meals to snacks let’s talk nutrition, get organized, and get healthy.
Family Wellness for Parents on the Run
It’s often difficult to prioritize wellness for ourselves and our families, especially when life gets busy and stressful. This series will help you find ways to prioritize wellness, how to sneak movement into a hectic schedule, and how to treat yourself kindly when challenges arise. Health and wellness doesn’t have to be another added stress in your life. In fact, with the right strategies, fitness and nutrition can help you decrease stress and improve the quality of family time.
Rebalance Chores at Home and Reignite Your Relationship with Your Partner: Playful Practical Strategies to Reduce the Stress and Increase Harmony
Tools to create a more balanced and harmonious partnership with less tension over daily life creating room for fun and fulfillment. Most agree that finding ways to fairly share responsibilities at home is very important to feeling satisfied for couples who are married or living together. However, in 2020, 55% of men said they are very satisfied with this aspect of their relationship, while only 38% of women see it the same way. So to honor Women’s Equality Day, let’s dig into these differing views and discover what really works for both partners. Everybody loses out when we don’t have equity and everybody needs to participate in recalibrating how we do things to reach equality. Join us for an enlightening conversation and discover a new, highly effective approach to solving the persistent challenge of gender equity in household tasks among heterosexual couples.
Find Time for Fitness When There's No Time At All
We parents of young children have too much to do and not enough time to do it. So certain things fall off the to-do list, and fitness is usually one of the first to go. At the same time, we know deep down that we are more patient and positive when we take at least good enough care of ourselves.
Balanced Work-Life Blend for Working Parents
If your family includes several generations of caregivers or if you find yourself part of the “sandwich generation,” taking care of both your children and your own parents, you can still work toward a peaceful home.
Manage Emotional Triggers at Work
Maybe you are the first to be called when your company needs to respond to a crisis, even as you are just beginning to process it for yourselves. Or maybe seemingly small everyday work experiences are triggering big emotional and physical responses based on your own personal history and capacity to manage those triggers. Without strategies and support, you may find yourself overreacting, overwhelmed, worn out, angry, anxious, or even hopeless.
Keep Calm and Pass it On: Ways to Help Your Child Stress Less
Evaluate your personal and family practices and learn how to make some much-needed changes to how you respond to stress.
Parent Burnout and Kids’ Mental Health: What Really Matters?
If you’re feeling like you don’t have the bandwidth to be the parent you really want to be, you are not alone. Consider parenting basics that can reduce family challenges and strengthen family well-being. Look at when you may want to lean in a bit more with your kids and when you can step back to reduce stress.
Let’s Get on the Same Page: Practical Steps to Resolve Parenting Style Conflicts
Parenting differences between partners can be helpful, but over time those conflicting parenting styles can become problematic. Join us to learn how to peacefully resolve parenting conflicts and get on the same page.

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