Looking for the perfect last-minute gift for the holidays?

Peace at Home December 21, 2022

Parents sometimes stress about thoughts that aren’t really true. 

  • You might tell yourself that because your child seems to love a totally messy room, they’ll never get their act together as an adult. Not true. 
  • You might stress when your child’s homework is incomplete. In reality, homework is an assessment tool for the teacher to learn about your child. Trust the teacher to handle this information and respond effectively. 
  • You could even believe that if you find the just right punishment, your child will cooperate. Not really. You can scare them into compliance, but research is very clear that in the long run you will not win long-term behavior change with punishment. 

So what are you telling yourself about holiday gifts for your kids? For many of us those thoughts are not only inaccurate but can actually be harmful to us, the people we love, and even our holiday spirit.  It isn’t about the gifts. It’s about you.  You are the perfect holiday gift.

Research tells us that what kids want most is your full on, exuberant presence. When you look in each other’s eyes, you actually lower stress and increase feel-good brain chemicals. When you have fun with your kids you are signaling safety and joy which is what they want and need most. So instead of rushing around for last minute gifts, take time together. Bake cookies, read a favorite holiday story, play a game, draw together or go for a walk – ask them what they would like to do (that doesn’t involve technology).  Time together with your relaxed, undivided attention is the best gift of all and the one you will all remember.  

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