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Our Solution Series Libraries are developed around a specific parenting challenge. Each Series includes a collection of hand-picked, easily digestible (15 min+/-) videos which unlock a key piece of the parenting puzzle.  Read our summary of this Series below then click on each lesson to access the class description, video, handouts, and information about our Expert(s).

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Potty learning is a wonderful time for toddlers to learn to care of their bodies in culturally approved ways.  Your family will benefit from some reflection about your values, some planning about how to get started, some guidance from resources about persisting when your child seems confused or hesitates, and creation of routines to address the typical challenges. Our ABC’s of Potty Learning library has much to offer and will provide you with the guidance you want every step of the way.

This library’s videos and handouts will help you to:

  • Know the signs that your child is ready to learn a potty routine
  • Assess your readiness to start this process
  • Promote a cooperative relationship with your child that will promote success
  • Understand the choices you need to make in order to get going
  • Create a sustainable potty learning routine.
  • Help your child stay dry when asleep 
  • Help your child learn that using the potty is important and respond to those “forgetful moments” with calm
  • Not get discouraged and recognize progress to get more out of it
  • Support your child when they are way from home
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