3 Steps to Happy Holidays with Young Children

Peace at Home November 19, 2022

The holiday season can be a time of great joy and great stress, especially for families with young children. The challenges of managing family routines, work/life balance, and preserving family and cultural traditions can be daunting!

Here are a few tips to get through these exciting but challenging times:

  1. Consider your child’s developmental level and what will be most meaningful for your family
  • Young children actually appreciate the simplicity of play and being with their families.
  • Consider simple activities like baking cookies and finger painting or reading special-themed books
  • Think of developing new family traditions that your children will look forward to year after year
  1. Set boundaries and limits around activities, parties, and celebrations.
  • Don’t overbook yourself
  • Make time during the holidays to just “be.”
  • Set aside a bit of grown-up time
  • Maintain predictable routines for your young child as much as possible 
    • Sticking with regular meal and bedtimes will go a long way in minimizing holiday stress!
  1. Try not to get consumed with the notion that buying expensive gifts is the best way to celebrate the holidays. What kids really want are their people, to see their people happy and to have fun together. 

Take some time to talk with your family about the meaning of the holiday  season for each of you. What traditions and rituals do you want to pass on to your children? Keep it simple, avoid perfectionism and remember to go slow. Your full on, joyful presence is what matters most no matter how old your kids are!

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