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Our Solution Series Libraries are developed around a specific parenting challenge. Each Series includes a collection of hand-picked, easily digestible (15 min+/-) videos which unlock a key piece of the parenting puzzle.  Read our summary of this Series below then click on each lesson to access the class description, video, handouts, and information about our Expert(s). 

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This class series covers the basics for parents from pregnancy through baby’s first year. You know you are about to have a life changing experience but you may not be able to imagine it. Parents who take time to learn about pregnancy and birth tend to have increased confidence during labor and delivery, improved birth outcomes and a higher likelihood of breastfeeding. Learning about caring for your baby and your body before birth will strengthen family well-being. 

The early weeks after birth can be confusing and exhausting while you and your baby learn how to manage feeding and sleeping. Learn about your baby’s early needs and development so you are ready to adapt to life with your newborn. Strategies that balance their needs with yours really make a difference.  Infants thrive when parents recognize temperament, how the baby learns, and how your early weeks together can be enhanced when you create rhythms and routines to care for the baby and yourself. 

This Peace At Home Parenting Solutions Library provides needed guidance to pregnant and postpartum parents of infants up to one year of age. Participants will be able to:

  • Recognize risks to pregnant women and newborn babies, especially for women of color
  • Identify action steps you can take to protect your health and your baby
  • Work together with your medical provider to help you build a healthy birth through informed consent and other strategies
  • Recognize and respond effectively to your newborn’s needs and cues
  • Identify and apply positive solutions to common concerns during baby’s first year
  • Recognize the importance of self-care to create balance and family well-being, especially when parents return to work
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