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About This Library

Navigating the middle and high school years can be a challenging journey for both parents and students. This quick video library offers inspiration and practical solutions to help you support tweens’ or teens’ academic, social, and emotional growth. Discover strategies to foster confidence, cultivate character, and equip your child with the tools they need to thrive in the classroom and beyond. This series covers clear, actionable ways to inspire meaningful conversations and develop routines at home that support social-emotional health, reduce conflict and foster a sense of gratitude, safety, and motivation. 

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After this library, you will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of a growth mindset on academic success, and how to foster resilience, independence, and a love for learning.
  • Implement strategies to support homework completion and reduce conflicts, empowering your child to take ownership of their studies.
  • Initiate conversations that deepen your connection, build character, and allow you to give honest feedback.
  • Build a positive relationship with your maturing child, fostering open communication and trust.
  • Recognize the signs of stress and develop techniques to support your child’s social-emotional well-being.

Meet your Instructors

Amy Alamar

School, Teens, Relationships,


Dana Asby

Mindfulness, Confidence, School,



  • academic loss
  • adhd
  • anxiety
  • appreciation
  • autism
  • behavior
  • brain development
  • college
  • communication
  • current events
  • emotions
  • feelings
  • gifted students
  • graduation
  • gratitude
  • homework
  • motivation
  • Neurodiversity (ADHD/ASD)
  • problem solving
  • relationships
  • remote school
  • resilience
  • safety
  • school
  • self care
  • stress

Age Category

  • Teens & Young Adults
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