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LGBTQ+ and Gender Essentials


When your child approaches you to share or process their thoughts and feelings about gender identity or sexual orientation they are trusting you with their deepest sense self. These conversations can spark fears for their wellbeing and it can be a struggle in that moment to know how to respond without rejecting or discounting their experience. These workshops will help you prepare for an open, ongoing dialogue with your child or teen that is candid, authentic and supportive.

Interactive Workshops

LGBTQ+ Basics for Parents: Affirm and Protect Your Child (8.10.5483)
Whether your child identifies as LGBTQIA+ or you just want to help your kids be more aware and accepting of the range of identities around them, this session will help. You will gain more awareness about gender identity for yourself and learn action steps you can take to support your kids with regard to this issue as well.
LGBTQ+ What to Say to Your Child and How to Say it to Communicate Love and Acceptance
The issues of sexual orientation and gender identity can be daunting for both kids and parents. It's easy to feel confused about the changing ways that many in our society see these issues. Join us.
Coming Out Together: Parenting Your Magical LGBTQIA+ Kid
Confused about how your child views their own sex and gender? Worried that your child won't be accepted and safe? You are not alone. Join us for an honest, informative and authentic conversation facilitated by two Peace At Home specialists who are parents as well as professionals in the fields of child development, mental health, and family science.
Is it Safe? Help Your Child "Come Out" and Protect Their Mental
Join us for a special and inclusive parenting workshop that celebrates National Coming Out Day. Come together in a welcoming space with parents and caregivers like yourself. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to support your child to feel safe about exploring and expressing their identity. Discover ways to create an environment that fosters your child to come out when they are ready. Navigating coming out is unique to each individual. Using specific language, creating opportunities and space, and demonstrating allyship can all help your child know that when they do choose to come out, they can do so safely with you.
Supporting Trans Parents and Trans Children
Are you a transgender parent wondering about how your gender identity may affect your child?
Are you raising a transgender child and want to know more about how to support them?
You are not alone.
The rights and experiences of transgender people have been in the news for several years. But parents of kids who raise questions about their gender may still feel unclear about what kids need from their families as they wrestle with gender identity. Sometimes parents wonder if they cause this struggle. Is it just a phase? And parents may feel strong emotions of grief, confusion and sometimes even fear or anger. Parents who are transgender themselves face different but equally important challenges. How will it affect my children if I come out to them? Can it harm or confuse them in any way? In fact, studies indicate that most transgender parents report that their relationships are generally positive, including after coming out as transgender. There is also no evidence that having a transgender parent affects a child’s gender identity or sexual orientation, nor has any impact on other developmental milestones. Clear communication, strong connection, and love and acceptance go a long way in all relationships. Join us for an in-depth conversation on trans parenting and parenting trans kids. Let’s do this together.

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