Interactive Workshops

Protecting Your Child’s Mental Health through College Admissions & Freshman Year



Gain the information and techniques you need to help your teen confidently apply for college, look towards graduation, and transition into freshman year.

Interactive Workshops

Approaching the College Admissions Process
College acceptance and rejections are an emotional roller coaster of anticipation, elation, and disappointment. If you remember trying to guess the contents of your college decision envelope by how thick it was, some things have changed. While college decisions may be delivered through email, web portals, or even Instagram now, the emotional experience is the same
Get Ready for College! How to Prepare You and Your Child for Major Transitions, New Roles, and Responsibilities Now
The High School years are upon you! Your child is growing up and your role is changing. Learn strategies to use in High School to support your young adult emotionally and financially, while also teaching them self-care and independence, so they are ready for the next step.
Protect Your Teen’s Mental Health before Leaving for College
“You don’t know what you don’t know.” Get answers from a seasoned clinician who has supported college freshmen across the country for years.
Parenting Adult Children: Boundaries and Connection
You may be surprised to learn that almost half (46.5%) of young adults 18-24 years old live with their parents. Are you one of those parents? Are you wondering when do our children really become adults? 18? 21? When they clear their stuff out of our basement? Is 30 the new 21? Even if your kids aren’t consistently living with you, you may wonder what this evolving relationship should look like. Do we need to “let go” or silence ourselves now? How do we stay connected and adjust expectations as our children mature?
Supporting Your Struggling College Student
High School and College can be both challenging and stressful. What are some common stressors and challenges teenagers might face? We’ll talk about it! The goal of this interactive webinar is to help you set your teen up for success. We will provide key strategies to prepare your rising high school student or new college student for an academically successful and enjoyable experience. You will learn to recognize potential warning signs that your teen may need extra support.
Unlock Your Teen's Potential and Build Resilience: Teach Essential Life Skills
Help your child discover and embrace their independence with skills that will help them thrive. From doing laundry to changing tires to handling finances, practical knowledge and skills will strengthen resilience and emotional wellbeing.
Is Your College Student Coming Home for the Holidays? Let’s Talk!
There will likely be a lot to unpack and it won’t all be laundry. Join us for practical tips on what to expect and how you can welcome them home with care and understanding.
My Child is Struggling in School: How Can I Help?
Is your child having difficulty in school with social skills, behavior, and/or academics? Are you wondering what you can do about your concerns? Not sure where to turn about these issues? This workshop will help you work with your child’s teacher and/or school to effectively address the learning and/or development challenges you see in your child. Watching your child struggle in school can be hard, especially if you don’t know how to help. Join Peace at Home experts and other parents in this virtual workshop. We’ll discuss practical strategies to help your child become their most successful self at school.
School Refusal What’s Important to Know
School refusal, also known as school avoidance, is a misunderstood and complex challenge. While school refusal is often viewed as misbehavior, in most cases students are simply too anxious to enter the school environment and, in the cases of some students, have trouble leaving their homes at all. Often, children with school refusal behaviors may complain of physical symptoms such as headaches or stomach aches before school, or repeatedly ask to visit the school nurse.
Executive Function Challenges in Teens: How it Impacts Academics and How You Can Help
This workshop will walk you through what executive function (EF) skills are and how they may be impacting your teen. We’ll offer evidence-informed strategies your teen can start implementing right away to improve academic performance.
Get the Most from Your Child’s IEP Meeting: Prepare, Advocate and Find Support
If your child has been referred for a special education evaluation or is already eligible for special education services, back to school means special education team meetings. Many parents find these gatherings stressful, confusing, and sometimes overwhelming. Gain tips on how to prepare, advocate for your child, and support the plan.
Special Education: 504’s and IEPs – What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?
Are you concerned about your child’s progress in school but afraid to have your child “labeled”? Do you feel confused about how special education works? Is your child already receiving special education services, but you’re still feeling confused? You are not alone – let’s talk.

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