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Baby’s First Year

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Welcoming a new baby is an extraordinary journey filled with joy, anticipation, and inevitable challenges. These workshops provide guidance to expectant and new parents, covering the essentials from pregnancy through the first year of your baby’s life. Gain insights into promoting a healthy pregnancy, preparing for labor and delivery, and navigating the emotional and physical transitions of the postpartum period. Learn to recognize and respond to your newborn’s cues, establish nurturing routines, and foster a secure attachment bond.

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Interactive Workshops

Welcome Baby: Create a Secure, Trusting Connection
Babies are born ready to interact and rely on parents, yet many parents feel unprepared to care for a baby. How do you know when your baby is ready to eat, play, sleep? How do you ensure that you and your baby have a secure attachment?
Eat, Play, Sleep: Routines That Support Babies & Toddlers
Young children do three things throughout the day: eat, play and sleep. Although it sounds simple, there are proven ways that you can support your child to help them thrive and learn. You may be wondering why routines are important for young children, or how they may help build independence. In this virtual workshop, we will explore the ways that you can support your child’s learning and development while building trust. Join other parents to discover the importance of routines in early childhood.
What to Do About My Fussy Baby: Soothing Baby and Yourself
It’s common for young babies to have fussy times in the day. Those times can be hard to get through! Staying calm is challenging but you can bring some resources into the mix to help you manage.
Infant & Toddler Brain Development: Why Parents Matter So Much
Many parents are surprised to learn how powerfully our interactions in the first few years shape children’s future. You may know a bit about your child’s development, especially in infancy when motor milestones are celebrated by everyone. But what really helps infants and toddlers grow into resilient children and teens? And what can parents and caregivers do to support their positive development? Learning about how young children’s brains develop will help you gain insights into how you can best support your little ones as they eat, sleep, play, and learn. Join this workshop for practical, everyday strategies to support infants and toddlers to grow, learn and connect in healthy ways.
Healthy Birth Toolkit Part 1: What to Expect from the Prenatal Process
While you are still pregnant is a great time to build positive routines for your own self-care. This session will help you remember the importance of having a clear rhythm to your day, even if that is new to you. It will make life much easier once the baby arrives. We’ll help you honor the needs of your body to be active, refuel energy, and sleep. These lay a great foundation for creating a rhythm for babies.
Healthy Birth Toolkit Part 2: Self-Care Before and After Birth
Taking care of your own wellness is more important than ever while pregnant and after baby’s arrival. Many parents, however, find it difficult to prioritize their own routines. Join us to discover benefits and practical ways to take care of yourself while preparing for a new baby. Becoming aware of your own rhythms of eating, sleeping, working and playing sets the stage for you to think about including your baby’s care needs in your daily routine. Join other parents-to-be and Peace at Home experts to discuss strategies to prepare your life and daily routines for the arrival of a new baby.
Baby Blues: Navigating Postpartum Depression
“Baby blues” are more common than most people think and can be felt in different ways by different women. Postpartum blues may be particularly intense for those who have a history of depression. Our teachers want to hear from parents about their experiences, answer questions and invite folks to share successes in addressing this challenge and any other topics that are on your mind.
Help Baby Thrive When You Return to Work
Many parents worry that going back to work will be hard on their new baby or even harm their connection. Explore the latest information from experts about how to make the most of your time with your baby to connect and help them feel close and safe.
Finding and Adjusting to Childcare as You Return to Work
Establishing and Maintaining Sleep Routines Over the First Year

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