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About This Library

Peace At Home offers inspiration and strategies that educators can use to help students enter the classroom with confidence, character, and the tools they need to succeed. Peace At Home workshops for educators addresses the relationship between executive functions and emotional regulation, and how that affects academics in addition to stress and well-being. We are pleased to support educators with this free sample of some of our Quick Video Solutions. Email us at Clients@Peaceathomeparenting.com for more information on our resources for parents and educators to collaborate and strengthen the home and school connection. 

After this library, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to use growth-based feedback to encourage children to take appropriate risks and feel more confident to try new things.
  • Give feedback using language that supports youth’s self-esteem
  • Coach youth back to confidence after a failure
  • Learn about how stress affects different parts of the brain and the impact that has on learning and emotional well-being
  • Practice stress reduction techniques that can be taught to children or students

Meet your Instructors

Amy Alamar

School, Teens, Relationships,


Dana Asby

Mindfulness, Confidence, School,



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  • feelings
  • goals
  • graduation
  • home
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