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The teenage years can be exciting times of growth, but can be a strain on your relationship. As your child enters the tween and teen years their brain changes in ways that cause them to find their tribe of peers. This may mean that they are less likely to seek the advice and validation of adults but it doesn’t mean they don’t need your calm, consistent guidance.

Interactive Workshops

How to Reconnect with Your Teen Who’s Struggling with Disordered Eating and Body Dissatisfaction
Early intervention is key to eating disorder prevention and helps reduce serious psychological and health consequences.
Teens and Depression: What Really Helps?
Learning about the signs and symptoms of depression can help you to support healthy coping and growth. This session will give you some ideas about what support really looks like and how to avoid unhelpful approaches that are easy to fall into when you are worried about your child.
Balancing Your Teen's Independence and Safety
Do you want to promote independence in your teen or tween, but also want to keep them safe? Learn how to achieve balance, understand how the teen brain works, and why fostering independence is so important.
Communicate and Connect: Reduce Your Teen’s Risky Behavior
Yes, it's prom season with graduation right around the corner. The chances are you worry about your teen engaging in risky behavior throughout the year.
Setting Boundaries With Teens While Encouraging Independence
We all want our kids to grow up to be capable, competent people who can find their own way in the world. But how do you help them get there? This class will help you recognize the importance of the parent-child connection to help teens stay safe as they explore the world.
Teen Mental Health - Essential Knowledge and Skills for Parents
Whether your child is doing fine and you want to prevent future mental health issues, or they just don't seem like their usual self, or they have actually declared concerning thoughts, you can help. Learn relationship strategies and everyday habits that support good mental health in teens and recognize red flags that indicate more help is needed.
Bullying: Relationships Matter
Tools your child needs to navigate difficult situations with confidence.
Rethink Screen Time: The New Normal
Screen time is a red-hot issue between parents and children. Parents complain they can’t get screen time under control and kids can’t seem to get enough. Over half of parents say their kids are “addicted” and, even among young children, craving for screen time is rapidly accelerating. Class participants will learn practical solutions to this growing challenge.
Build Extraordinary Relationships with Your Child through Daily Conversations
Raising healthy children with an ability to sustain meaningful relationships is a challenge even in the most ideal situations. Add on hormones, attitude, personality, technology, and post pandemic challenges - welcome to the tween and teen years! This interactive workshop includes a conversation about parenting the independent, emerging adult while still nurturing the playful child within.
Is Your College Student Coming Home for the Holidays? Let’s Talk!
Your student has gone through a lot of changes even in these first months of life away at school. There will be a lot to unpack and it won’t be all laundry. Expect that both you and they may have complicated emotions and even some confusion as you find your new rhythm together. Both parents and young adults face unique challenges and adjustments as you all seek to create a harmonious holiday experience together. Join us for a deeper understanding of your college student’s experience. You’ll gain practical tips and important insights on what to expect so you can welcome them home with care and understanding and create a sweet holiday season for the whole family.
Teens in Love: Romantic Relationships, Dating and Health in the New Normal
Learning to navigate healthy romantic relationships and deal with sexually maturing bodies are essential tasks of healthy teen development. Support exploration and independence while helping your child stay safe.
Raising Digital Natives: When to Hover and When to Step Back
Are you concerned that your kids are spending too much time online? Do your kids use social media and the Surgeon’ General’s report has got your worried? You’re not alone. Let’s talk.
Talking to Teens: Communication for Connection and Safety
Are you worried that your teen may engage in risky behavior? Do you feel like your attempts to engage with them go nowhere? Join us to discover effective ways to communicate with your teen with strategies that work.
Let's Talk About Sex, Because Your Teens Already Are
Your child’s sexuality is part of their identity, and it’s important to talk about it. This workshop is designed to help you have those important conversations and help you and your child be sex positive – embracing the idea that sexuality is a part of humanity.
Vaping, Eating Disorders, Sex and More: How to Communicate with Your Teen
Part of our job as parents is to help keep our kids safe. This can now seem like an all-consuming challenge since issues like “the mean girl at school” have evolved into cyberbullying and beyond. Join us to make sense of it all.

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